The Industries we serve


With our very thin materials; Architects can make creative designs without limitations. BM Enchapados is a great partner for projects.


Manufacturers of doors, panels, furnitures, floors, and all other wood producers can increase their line of production with our variety of wood veneers.

Interior Designers

BM Enchapados is a great partner for Interior Designers to bring their designs to reality. BM Enchapados can provide a mini catalog for Interior Designers to have their creativity materials everywhere they go.


Engineers can have their own signature colors and designs on their constructions; common areas, residences, offices, lobbies, commercials and etc.

Stores and Resellers

BM Enchapados installs a demonstration in your store to combine with your other products such as; hardwares, marbles, decorations and accessories. Adding a unique corner in your store to resell.

Final Consumer

Have a project? Bring it to us and we direct you to our experienced team and contractors to bring your project to live.

You want to change the world. Multilaminar Real Wood Veener


variety of choice


made in Italy


stock in country

Looking for solutions for your projects? Let us call you!