Pre cutting and cutting

Modernly computerized, precise and millimetric cuts from minimum to industrial quantities, broken down to the size of your demand.



We iron your plates size up to 1300mm by 3000mm, in thicknesses from44mmto105mmonbothsides, in vertical and horizontal directions. Using waterproof glue, hot plate high technology.


Edgebanding veneered panels

We edgeband your pieces with edges of the same wood veneer used in your plated pieces.

Other Products



It has a uniform and homogeneous structure and a fine texture that allows your faces and edges have a perfect finish. It works almost like solid wood and can be milled and carve a whole. Dimensional stability, unlike solid wood, is optimal, but its weight is very high.

3D Laminate

3D Laminates

3D Laminates are rigid thermoplastic films. They can be membrane pressed or vacuum formed around contour components to provide a seamless design. 3D Laminates are commonly used for cabinet door, drawer fronts, and molding.


Chipwood (Agglomerated)

This invention refers to an agglomeration process of wood fibres which consists of an impregnation and/or pulverisation of fibres with a pre-polymer of hydroxyl terminated polybutadiene (HTPB), a di-isocyanate and possibly a catalyst to obtain slabs of fibre agglomerations


Decorative Foils

Decorative foils or pre-impregnated papers are commonly used for store fixtures, home and office furniture, cabinets, shelving, molding and wrapping.



Melamine laminate is a hard resin commonly used as an overlay for building materials like MDF or plywood. In its most basic form, melamine is an organic compound that when combined with formaldehyde forms a durable thermosetting plastic.


Light Basis Weight Papers

Light Basis Weight papers are commonly used for wall paneling, home office furniture, cabinets, shelving, molding and wrapping. LBWP are gravure printed paper veneers.

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